School Council

Welcome to Packmoor Ormiston Academy School Council.

Packmoor Ormiston school council’s main purpose is to bring the pupils voice to the forefront of the school. Each class from year 1 to year 6 has a representative who gathers their peers opinions, suggestions, comments, compliments and triumphs. These points are shared within regular council meetings where they are discussed and recommendations are suggested and put into action. The minutes from each meeting are shared collectively as a whole school and displayed for children, parents and visitors to view. The school council take an active role in changes throughout the school and so far the children have held their own council assembly, worked closely with the PTFA to buy new playground equipment, started music Monday’s in the lunch room and held a survey to gather ideas on next terms golden times clubs. All pupils on the school council take ownership of any actions put forward by the children and take pride in their responsibility for completing them. They are a valued team within school with their peers showing them mutual respect. One council member said that she ‘really enjoys helping the children in the school to share their thoughts and ideas.’ Adding she is ‘super proud of been part of the school council.’ Our school council continue to work together to build an ethos where we ensure that every child’s voice in our school is heard. The council’s motto  ‘you are the voice and we are the speakers’ supports our drive and commitment toward this.

Our School Council members are:

School Council Minutes 2019–20