Subject Lead: Mrs G. Shaw

Science Vision Statement

At Packmoor Ormiston Academy we use Science to teach the children about the world around them. They will develop an awe and wonder of the world. We will inspire the next generation of scientists and world leaders through the skills and knowledge taught in Science.

Science Policy

Science Policy upto 2023

Science Health & Safety Policy 2018-21

SMSC in Science

We promote spiritual development through teaching and learning Science

By creating opportunities for pupils to ask questions about how living things rely on and contribute to their environment.

By demonstrating openness to the fact that some answers cannot be provided by Science.

We promote moral development through teaching and learning in Science

By offering pupils the chance to consider the wonder of the natural world and the inventions which have made the world a better place.

By considering that not all developments have been good because they have caused harm to the environment and to people.

By encouraging pupils to speculate about how science can be used for both good and evil.

We promote social development through teaching and learning in Science

By exploring the social dimension of scientific advances e.g. environmental concerns, medical advances, energy processes.

We promote cultural development through teaching and learning in Science

By asking questions about the ways in which scientific discoveries from around the world have affected our lives. We celebrate scientists from a range of cultures and religions.

Science Curriculum Overview

Principles for Teaching and Learning in Science at Packmoor are:

  • Science is fun and exciting
  • Science is hands on
  • Science helps us to understand about the world around us
  • We are given opportunities to ‘discover’
  • We use our outdoor space whenever possible
  • We work together

Science Curriculum Overview

Enrichment in Science

17th March 2017

Y5 Science Big Bang

Science Award

Silver Quality Mark LogoAutumn 2016 the Academy achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark – Silver Award.

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